maandag 10 februari 2014

Visit to Togo in January 2014

Activities carried out during our visit were several related to different projects.

Food security project 
The project team with members of TTD and AJF in front
of the office of RAPIDE.
Several monitoring and coachings meetings were carried out with the project team responsible for the coordination and execution of the project. The project is almost halfway and will be evaluated in August. A representative of the Anton Jurgens Foundation (AJF) that financially supports the project visited Aklakou as well and was very enthousiastic about the way of work and results so far. More information and pictures can be found here.

The three elder people enjoying the album
Adjoguin languag project
We visited to the Adjoguin community to hand over an album with pictures of the meeting held with them in August, when linguists were present to record some of the songs. The documentation is in process, for which we are still looking for funds. More information on this project can be found here.

New ideas have been developed for hiking and biking tours. More information will soon be put here. Contacts have been established with several actors working on promoting responsible community based tourism in order to develop projects with communities in the soutern part of Togo.

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