zondag 16 juni 2013

Discover Togo

Join us to discover the rich history, culture, people and nature of Togo!

Because of its unfamiliarity Togo is an ideal destination for the adventurous traveller. You can do many different things:
- explore the coastline, peppered with voodoo culture, fishing villages and production of palm oil, coconut oil and sodabi 
- hike or bike in green hills surrounded with coffee and cocoa fields, colourful butterflies and refreshing waterfalls
- visit beautiful markets and taste all kinds of local produce women sell 
- watch traditional weaving
- discover how products like baskets, pottery, palmwine and palmoil are being made 
- participate in many of the cultural festivities
- dive into local village life
- see how people used to make iron in huge iron furnaces and how iron is being made nowadays, still by hand

Responsible travel
Togo Tourism & Development is committed to tourism with a focus on people and environment. Our tours contribute to local development and empowerment, and guarantee a unique travel experience.

We travel in a small group by minibus and stay in basic hotels, with local families and in tents. The price of the tours depends on the number of travellers, with a max. group size of 8-10. We look forward to welcoming you, woezon!   

For more detailed information or questions, send us an @ togotd@yahoo.fr, jdekwaadsteniet@gmail.com

Project-proposal approved!

We are happy to announce that we managed to get a GO for a food security project of a partner organisation in Togo! See more under 'development projects'.