vrijdag 30 november 2012

Pottery from Togo in the Netherlands

We are proud to announce that since today, pottery from Togo is being sold at the Wereld Winkel in Dronten: http://wereldwinkeldronten.nl/index.php/assortiment_wereldwinkel/nieuwe-producten/aardewerk-uit-togo

Oven used for pottery
Work in progress
Ready to be packed for transport
A result to be proud of! 

The pottery is made by Vidja. He became orphan at 15 years but had the chance to start a course on pottery at the Artistic Centre of Kpalimé. He met his wife there, they both became teachers at the centre. This allowed them to send their children to school. Being pensioned, they started a small workshop at home where they teach their children the skill and still earn a bit of money that is being invested in education of other children. Vidja has been working with a lot of patience to produce what is now being sold in the Netherlands. Each piece is unique and made with local materials. We are very proud of him and his family!

Interested in pottery or other products from Togo? Contact us through our @: togotd@yahoo.fr.