donderdag 29 januari 2015

Activities 2015

This year we have planned the following activities:

- Launching of the webshop Togoriginals in April 2015. At the moment we are putting all our
efforts in creating a webshop to sell products from Togo. Keep an eye on to be launched soon!

TPR weekend 2013
- Togo Percu Relax weekend, 3rd edition. Make music, dance around a campfire, walk, read in a hammock in a rural village in Northern France. 14-17 May 2015

- Exposition of our products at the WereldWinkel in Ermelo from 29 April to 6 June 2015. We will have a whole floor to expose and sell our original and fair trade products. We are very gratefull for this opportunity

Afrikafestival market
- Participation at the African Festival in Hertme 4 and 5 July 2015 in Hertme where we will inform people about Togo and sell our fair trade products. For more information on the festival go here

- Follow-up training with local government on Leadership in Aného in Togo in July-August 2015 in collaboration with Libre Foundation (for more information on Libre Foundation go here)

Training on Leadership in sept 2014
- Evaluation of the food security project in Aklakou in Togo in July-August 2015. For more information on the project go here

- Preparation for the student exchange with Stichting Global Exploration to be carried out in 2016. Visit of member of the Stichting in Togo in August (for more information on SGE go here)
- And a fantastic musical Afrofunk surprise will very very probably come from Togo to the Netherlands...Keep an eye on our site for more information soon!

 - No tours are planned this year but can always be organised on demand. Go to the Travel in Togo page for more information