donderdag 11 oktober 2012

New: Togo-Benin try-out tour. Be part of it!

We organise a try-out tour in Togo and Benin from 23rd of December 2012 to 13th of January 2013. Join us to discover the rich history, culture, people and nature of Togo and Benin!

Missed it? Contact us for future journeys that will be organised in August/September and December 2013.

The journey starts in Togo, one of the smallest countries in Africa and because of its unfamiliarity an ideal destination for the adventurous traveller. We explore the coastline, peppered with voodoo culture, fishing villages and production of palm oil, coconut oil and sodabi. We approach the highest mountain in Togo, Mont Agou, surrounded by green hills with coffee and cocoa fields, colourful butterflies and refreshing waterfalls. While travelling to the north, we pass through traditional weaving villages and see remnants of large iron furnaces. Finally, we visit the Tamberma, one of the most picturesque areas of Togo.

In Benin we dive into the rich history of kingdoms, slavery and voodoo. We stroll on foot or by bike through Abomey with fascinating remains of palaces and temples. In Porto Novo we breathe the atmosphere of colonial times through the wide deserted streets. We take a boat trip to characteristic pole villages where people live who fled slavery, and participate in the yearly festival of Allada. On the last day in Benin you can relax at the beach, discover nature by pirogue, on a bike or by foot, visite a turtle conservation project or a pottery village. The journey ends in Lomé where you can relax at a pool, do your final purchases and enjoy a last delicious Togolese meal.

Responsible travel
Togo Tourism & Development is committed to tourism with a focus on people and environment. Our tours contribute to local development and empowerment, and guarantee a unique travel experience.

We travel in a small group by minibus and stay in basic hotels, with local families and in tents. We look forward to welcoming you in Togo and Benin!

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