donderdag 27 september 2012

Togo Tourism & Development Foundation established

Dear reader,

We are happy to announce the official establishment of Togo Tourism & Development Foundation.

Our mission is to promote the cultural diversity of Togo and to contribute to sustainable development of individuals and communities. We aim to do this through activities in the Netherlands and in Togo:
1. participate in festivals, cultural markets and seminars
2. organise events and exchange projects
3. liaise with educational institutes to set up cross-cultural research projects
4. promote responsible tourism through setting up tours and training actors involved in tourism (ex. local tourguides)
5. support local development projects (education, food security, environment and health)
We mainly focus on the southern part of Togo and the Netherlands and collaborate with various individuals and organisations.

We are happy to invite you to follow us on facebook and through email!

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