zondag 13 september 2009


Working and travelling in Africa remains a passion that will never fade away. Arriving in Accra on saturday night I hit my bed immediately to be fresh for the three hour drive to the Togolese border. After the first 1,5 hour on the highway, the scenery becomes more and more pretty when passing through villages and forests along the coast. Every now and then the ocean shows herself and I remember walking along the beach at Keta eight months ago when I travelled the same road as a tourist. And I realise how lucky I am to be able to enjoy all this beauty again. At the border I walk with my bags from the Ghanain side to the Togolese, the box with readers carried by a woman on her head. I am on my way to Lome for the first training of eight in a row in various African countries. A bit crazy it is indeed but I will do everything I can to make each and every training a memorable one, for the participants as well as for myself. To start with Training and Facilitation Techniques in Lome. Working with very engaged persons from Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Togo. And, being a music lover, taking the opportunity as well to dance the night away at the oldest nightclub of Lome, Babylos (after the training finished that is...) before returning to Accra, grasping another chance to contemplate all the beauty that Africa has to offer.
Photo: me and colleagues from a local training and consultancy organisation that organised the training in collaboration with MDF.

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